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Who we are

Nepèta is a product linked to childhood spent in the Sicilian countryside, to the smells and mysterious places of this fascinating land, Sicily.

It was born from the passion of Andrea and Federico, two cousins born and raised in Syracuse, in southeastern Sicily, for the recovery of a herb unknown to many, the Nepitella.

Today the “Casa Nepèta” distillery is located among the Iblean hills in Testa dell'Acqua, in the Noto area.

“We have revisited Nepitella rosolio to make a new amaro that is aimed at different national and international markets”
Federico Tanasi
founder of Nepeta


The Latin name of Catmint is Calamintha nepeta, a wild mint that is part of the common mint family. This magical herb grows spontaneously on the Iblei mountains (south-east Sicily) and we collect it in the countryside of Noto (a splendid town in the province of Syracuse, capital of the Baroque and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2002) on the hills above 600 meters in height (Val di Noto , Head of the Water) . Here, in these mysterious and wild places, we have grown it organically, but always respecting its "soul" of wild grass. It was used by our grandparents as a natural anti-inflammatory, the leaves were rubbed on the skin on wounds or burns to soothe pain; or – drunk as an infusion – it was also used as a digestive and antispasmodic for stomach pains. It is an excellent disinfectant and has exciting powers.

We are part of the Syracuse Lemon Consortium PGI, the largest Italian consortium in terms of cultivated hectares and we use the "femminello" which is the most valuable variety. We infuse the peels of this lemon with multiple beneficial properties, and we only use organic lemons.

An innovation for new markets

Nepeta has conquered new markets thanks to online sales

Nepeta has also conquered younger segments of customers, promoting its use among the new generations of bar tenders, who have given way to a way of making and drinking trendy cocktails, Mixology.


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