In fifth place among the best liqueurs to choose from for Corriere della Sera

Bitter Majora

Prodotto Artigianalmente

Scent of Sicily between orange and marjoram 
Alongside Nepèta, a new project is born in 2021: HYBLE SPIRITS boutique brand by Nepèta for the artisan production of vodka, gin, vermouth with Mediterranean ingredients and above all a new savory amaro, the Majora, with a combination that is not at all obvious: marjoram and bitter orange. Aromatic and tantalizing, it concludes herbaceous and true, suitable not only at the end of a meal but throughout the day, as well as an inspiration for those who do not give up mixing.
Sicilian oranges

The infusion of Sicilian orange peel, also called Citrus Aurantium, welcomes the soft scents of marjoram blending perfectly with the delicate aroma of the latter and giving Majora a full, persuasive, unique taste.

Bitter Majora

It comes from the natural infusion of organic Sicilian marjoram and a separate infusion of Sicilian bitter orange peel, subsequently combined.
Marjoram is an aromatic plant symbol of happiness, serenity and luck. Its round, delicate and captivating notes are felt at the first sip and envelop the palate with soft and balsamic notes together with the delicate citrus scent of Sicilian orange peel.

Water, alcohol, sugar, infusion of organic Sicilian marjoram, infusion of Sicilian orange peel, infusion of aromatic herbs

Bitter Nepeta

A natural infusion of wild mint Nepitella, PGI Syracuse lemon peel, alcohol, Sicilian aromatic herbs, spring waters from Etna.
All infused separately at different times and then combined together.
Valuable digestive to drink cold or at room temperature with ice. The nepitella, wild mint that we grow above 600 meters above sea level in Testa dell'Acqua, Noto, gives all its balsamic quality at the first sip, followed on the palate by the bitterness of the Lemon of Syracuse PGI.

Water, alcohol, sugar, infusion of Sicilian Nepitella leaves, infusion of PGI Syracuse lemon peel, infusion of aromatic herbs.


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