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Amaro Nepèta – Amaro Obsession

The Nepèta project was born in Syracuse in 2017 from the will of Federico and Andrea. The two cousins decided to engage in the recovery of a Sicilian herb unknown to most through the production of an Amaro first and then of chocolate: the Nepitella. Nepitella (Calamintha Nepèta) is a perennial aromatic plant, similar to mint in aroma, which grows above five hundred meters of altitude on the rocky plateaus of the Iblei Mountains between Palazzolo Acreide and the Val di Noto. With its ovate leaves, its pink-violet flowers and its fresh scent, this mint is the master of the wild Syracuse countryside. For the production of Bitter Nepeta, Federico and Andrea have decided to cultivate the Nepitella themselves, in certified organic fields, and to follow the entire growth process of the plants up to the harvest. Collected, the Nepitella is infused in top quality alcohol for a week and then added to the alcoholic infusion of Syracuse lemons IGP and Sicilian bitter herbs. Artemisia, Citrus Aurantium Amara and Gentian are only a part of the herbs that make up Bitter Nepeta, combined with spontaneous botanicals of the Ibleo area. To conclude the secret recipe, which does not require the use of any colouring, flavoring or preservative, the 15% of sugar and spring water from Etna is added. This young Amaro, respectful of nature and attentive to the Sicilian tradition, winks at modernity, also proving it in the packaging which is captivating and current. The bottles, of French manufacture, recall the ancient cruets of apothecaries, the contrasting label has a minimal and fresh graphic that refers to the clean taste of Bitter Nepeta. This unique Sicilian Amaro boasts very pleasant notes of wild mint at the first sip which then transform into a slightly bitter persistence given by the peel of the Syracuse lemon PGI and has a herbaceous aftertaste thanks to the Sicilian wild herbs. Bitter Nepeta it is an excellent after meal enjoyed straight or with ice, but it turns out to be a great ingredient for the modern mixer who loves to experiment.



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