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Souk. Magazine – Unconventional Sicily + Nepèta Tasting

Kadmonia And FUD Sicilian workshop are happy to present:

Souk. Magazine – Unconventional Sicily (Issue n°2)
+ Bitter Nepeta Tastings
19.1.19 – FUD Sicilian workshop, Via Casale 8 – Milan
h. 6pm

Elena Viale will speak with:
• Andrea Graziano (FUD Sicilian Workshop)
• Francesco Blancato, Francesco Cusumano (Suq. Magazine)
and we will taste Amaro and chocolate from Modica Nepeta

There is an unconventional Sicily, an island you don't expect. A common entrepreneurial philosophy that is making its way faster and faster in the land of the Leopard, where among the stereotyped images of flat caps and veils there are new generations of small entrepreneurs who light a beacon on alternative business models based on relationships.

Thus was born the collaboration between Fud Bottega Sicula. Suq Magazine, Amaro Nepeta and Kadmonia, very different realities which, however, through different tools and languages express the same faith in the future and in the potential of the Sicilian territory. Places of extraordinary charm and powerful nature that enchant and surprise, small treasures of beauty are daily exalted and revealed by a constant and meticulous work of attention and research from pioneering realities, grown with the will to cultivate their roots but also let their wings grow .

Souk. Magazine
Apparently just a magazine. Actually its pages reveal more. Suq is in fact a startup born in Sicily by a group of creatives and travelers who one day decided to start exploring the island's unconventional heritage.
A heritage made up of places, people, companies, arts and currently hidden symbols, made up of everything that can be touched, but also of everything that can only be felt when you get in touch with your senses. Behind its pages Suq is also a destination brand that wants to identify, enhance and make usable an unknown Sicily that reveals itself only to those who have the patience to wait.

Bitter Nepeta
Amaro Nepèta was born from the common passion for the Sicilian countryside by two cousins, Federico and Andrea.
For them, Nepitella (Sicilian wild mint) has always represented their childhood, the aromas and smells of the Sicilian countryside in the Val di Noto (between Noto and Palazzolo Acreide) in south-eastern Sicily. There, the scents of wet earth and magical herbs, such as Nepitella, grow above 500m.
As adults, they discovered a shared passion for nature and this unique herb, and so they set out to create an elixir. Federico and Andrea made hundreds of cold infusion tests in alcohol to create a perfect and balanced liqueur, until they finally mixed the PGI Syracuse lemon peels, creating the Nepèta. With a sip, they have managed to bring to mind, for thousands of people, the image and memory of a wild and untouched nature.

Kadmonia was born in 2016 from the creation and development of cultural projects, through collaboration with brands and institutions. The consolidation and continuous expansion over time of relations with media and partners make Kadmonia a dynamic, fast and attentive reality to the evolution of new expressive languages. Its main project is Ortigia Sound System Festival.

FUD Sicilian workshop
Fud Bottega Sicula, present in Catania, Palermo and Milan, is a joyful gastronomic experience linked to the fruition and sharing of fun and immediate dishes, in a pop word, where the utmost attention is placed on the selection of Sicilian raw materials and on the work of the producers, the true focus of the gastronomic format.



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